Nobuhisa Takahashi Head chef

Known as TAKA, he learnt classic Japanese Cooking at restaurants in Japan prior to his 14 years at NOBU. Having worked for some years in a consultancy capacity, an ex NOBU head sushi chef decided to open his first restaurant which serves dishes with a fine balance and natural flavours play with contrasts and textures.

TAKAHASHI is owned by Nobuhisa and Yuko Takahashi. It is our first restaurant venture and the aim is to provide healthy and tasty food and friendly and informed service in a relaxed environment. We hope our combined experience in some of London’s best restaurants will help us achieve this.

Our cuisine is strongly based on Japanese tradition and  it combines with the Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on modern, healthy, and tasty meals. It focuses on quality and seasonal products.

In each dish we look to achieve a harmonious balance of healthy values, beautiful presentations and clean flavours.

TAKAHASHI showcases the range of dishes including our signature dishes, Scallop carpaccio and Pork belly with Aubergine Miso and a selection of cold, hot tapas, vegetables and sushi dishes, including Black Cod Miso and Wagyu beef  from Japan.